How to Act Like a Grown-up

How to Act Like a Grown-up book cover

Practical wisdom for every age

Are you not quite as ready for the adult world as you want to be?

Are you a grown-up who doesn’t feel like one?

Do you know someone else who needs to act like a grown-up?

With humor, occasional bite, and a deep desire to be helpful, this book is today’s manual for moving into adulthood. Filled with a mountain of practical advice, it’s a treasure trove of grown-up perspectives that many of us never got to hear on our way to twenty-one.

In twenty-nine short, easy-to-read chapters, author Mark DuPré takes what he’s learned the hard way and lays it all out there to help everyone of any age move closer to acting like a grown-up. Wise and witty, this book is one of the best gifts you could give — to yourself as well as to others.

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Table of Contents

Acknowledgments11Facebook, etc55Meeting People101
Preface15Financial Independence59Money and College103
Be a Real Winner17Finish What You Start63Owning Your Youth105
Being on Time21Going to Class, Part One—High School67Sexuality111
Being Wrong25Going to Class, Part Two—College71Suicide117
Buying Stuff at a Store29Interviewing for a Job77The Trust Thing119
Cell Phones33Investing79Voting123
Clothes37Invitations85Watching Movies125
Crossing the Street39It’s Not About You87You’re Not a Loser129

Picure of author Mark DuPré

Mark DuPré

Mark DuPré has done a lot of things, and he gets tired just thinking about it sometimes. He’s been a magazine writer, editor, and industry trainer. Right now he’s a pastor, film professor, speaker, and musician. He’s motivated by a desire to help all people, especially young ones, become successful adults in every aspect of their lives. Mark has three children and an ever-growing number of grandchildren, even though he is still nineteen in his mind. He lives with his ever-patient wife, Diane, just outside of Rochester, New York.

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